I produce flexible, easy-to-use, high quality web-sites. If required, I can also handle  the content production and long term overall maintenance of the website.

Backbone of the sites I prodoce is the open source  system WordPress. WordPress-based websites include an easy-to-use interface to update the content and the system can be extended for many different purposes. Globally WordPress is used in tens of millions of websites and by users from universities and large companies to private hobbyist. It is a truly versatile system.

Content for visitors
Web pages are created for the visitors and the goal is usually to have a lot of them.   Visitors come for the content and the services you provide, the website itself is just a structure for the purpose.

Visual content on the website not only serves to deliver an powerful impression, but also to clarify the actual message of the website, while providing extended knowledge about the subject matter. Fortified with comprehensive textual content, the message of the website will achieve its purpose. Properly written and organized content will also improve visibility in search engines, thus bringing more visitors and potential clients.

In addition to designing and constructing the website, I can provide illustrations and photography for the visual content of the website.

For anything else you want to know, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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sami.waulu (at) samwaulu.net
+358 40 742 3121  (UTC +02:00, Finland)

Commissions will be charged either per hour or  total sum for an entire project. Project prices are open for negotiation. Payments with international bank transfer (IBAN/BIC) or Paypal for small sums. Checks are not accepted.

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